Mary Catherine  Leakan

Parenting takes strong will

In unconditional caring

And though sometimes

It seems impossible and even

unbearably wearing

Just know

Because you didn't bend
Your child again will become

your friend

and will be there

Just like you

Until the

Absolute end

Brings Gagi The Unicorn To Life!

There is a lot to like about this book!

By: Valentyna

 it is the most beautiful and colorful book that I have ever seen especially for young children. I truly adore it. The book has interesting and funny characters which makes reading it a lot more fun. Second, I love the story behind Gagi the unicorn. It is sweet loving introduction about author's daughter Catie, who was her inspiration to create the many adventures of "GAGI the unicorn". I bought this book for my Child Day Care which will be open this upcoming fall. I know my kids will love all adventures of GAGI the Unicorn Children's Book Series, because I do!

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By: Myron

I enjoyed how the author did her own illustrations. I truly believe parents will love sitting their little ones on their lap and sharing this story to allow them to dream in their young minds.

Gagi is wonderful!
By: Lessans


Colorful and engaging....sweet the explanation of how the author came to write this series. Can't wait for the next one to come out!

Hope, Wonder and a Unicorn!
By: SA Fon

An amazing tale that incorporates the magic of a unicorn into a story that reaches the very young. This board book inspires hope and wonder, two of the most important things a child needs to nurture no mater their standing in society. This book is a rare item, full of love. There is more to this Hope, There is more to this story than a book. A grand plan is being hatched by the amazing author. I encourage your support.

Gagi The Unicorn



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Fantastic Children's Book

By: Nana

Our grandchildren love this amazing book and are anxiously awaiting the next in the series. The illustrations are beautiful and the children loved the bright colors and kept touching the pages as we read the story. They liked the idea that the author was inspired to write the book by her daughter, Catie, and started making up stories of their own. After I finished reading the story to them they took the book and crawled up in their grandfather's lap and had him read it again. We highly recommend this book and have ordered one for each of the children to take home with them. We liked the idea that the children were making up different situations for Gagi--the book sparked their imagination. Congratulations to the author and we hope the next book is published soon.

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It is my pleasure to welcome you

Into the World Of Gagi The Unicorn!

Gagi is a kind-spirited and magical unicorn that was brought to life by a precious little girl named Catie. She gave this sweet and happy creature its name from a very special and unique language: HERS!


Gagi Is Pronounced Gah-Gee

That Gagi's Pattern Changes on Every Single Page



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