Oh No! Gagi Is In The Hospital But You Won't Find a Frown On This Unicorn's face. Find Out What Happens As Gagi Shares Something In Common With The Reader In More Ways Than One.

Born  in Savannah, Georgia, Mary Catherine Leakan spent the majority of her early years reading books about  horses and mystical unicorns. In elementary school, she began drawing imaginative animals by pencil from stories she had read. She won art awards in school for her drawings.

By her high school years, drawing had taken a back seat to poetry. Mary Catherine dreamed of becoming a professional writer; one day.

    Even with multiple creative talents, Mary Catherine decided to pursue a career in being a mother. She ventured into her own craft business so that she could be home with her children.


     In 1998, she was diagnosed with a rare cancer while pregnant with her last child. She decided to save her baby's life by carrying to full term. In turn, her baby saved her life due to more accurate testing. 

Once She was well and her children were older; she pursued a profession in the advertising and marketing world.

In early 2009,  Mary Catherine felt compelled to break out the sketch pad and pencils. She thought her magical and mystical unicorns were a thing of the past.  She was wrong!

  Mary Catherine felt the tugging of her heart once again to draw and to write.  She looked back on the times and stories she would tell her children when they were young. One particular story kept rearing its' tale. It was a story about a magical unicorn that Catie, her last and youngest child created when she was very small. It was a wonderfully creative story that she would tell every single night before she would go to sleep. ( Mommy wasn't going to correct her daughter but thought; "Shouldn't Mommy Be the One to Tell the Story?")

It went like this:

" Goodnight with rainbows and unicorns that slide over the rainbows and after they jump on cotton candy clouds and bend down to the eat them; they enter the land of candy as you are riding on a unicorn. Gagi Mama; Gagi."   

    Catie inspired the author to create the many whimsical adventures of Gagi the Unicorn. 

 Where does the word "Gagi come from; you may ask?   When Catie was a baby she came up with the funniest words. Before she could say "I Love You" she would said "Gagi". "Gagi is pronounced "Gah-Gee". It means "I Love You ".
  In 2011, Mary Catherine became a proud member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators ( SCBWI). In 2012,  she
left her Marketing career and became a  full time artist and writer for The Gagi The Unicorn Children's Picture Book Series.


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Gagi The Unicorn



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Brings Gagi The Unicorn To Life!

Mary Catherine  Leakan


"Having an illness like Cancer changes your perspective where life truly is about appreciating every moment and making a difference to someone else who is experiencing the same difficulties.

 Some days you feel sorry for yourself, other days you are angry, and then there are days where you just look up to the sky and Thank God for being able to breathe, see, and feel the beautiful world all around you.

Look At Me is about a sick little unicorn who is undergoing Chemotherapy. Gagi has no hair, is sickly in color and yet looks into a mirror only to see the most beautiful unicorn ever imagined!

The story gives the reader perspective while giving hope to the child listening.

​Attitude is bliss and so is this story "


                                        - Mary Catherine

Look At Me was the last book written in the series but is being featured as second in the series due to its importance and message. 

​This book is ALL about giving back. For every book sold; one book will be donated to a child in the hospital. Reserving your copy today makes Gagi The Unicorn that much closer to being given!